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Vi ste naši đaci i često kažete ili uradite nešto čime nas zadivite. Ovo su neki od vaših, jezički i sadržajno sjajnih sastava, pesama, priča, video zapisa, pesama i koreogrfija. Želimo da i drugima damo priliku da budu zadivljeni kao i mi vaši nastavnici.


Milena Žarković
ima 11 godina i engleski uči od svoje 5. godine

Dina Tmušić
ima 12 godina i u školi Robertson engleski uči od školske 2014/15 godine!

Nikola Cvetković
Sa ponosom predstavljamo Nikolu Cvetkovica, koji ima 12 godina i đak škole Robertson je od septembra 2010. God. Pročitajte sastav koji je u okviru časa napisao na temu Halloween in Robertson!

Mina Bojović
Naša učenica Mina Bojović (10), ponosno vam predstavlja svoju stabljiku pasulja, koju je sama posadila na času, i pažljivo negovala kod kuće.

Pavle Savić (12),
naš je đak već skoro 7 godina. Pročitajte kako je opisao svoj stan, kao deo pismenog zadatka.

Robertson School of English

By Filip Ivanis



History of my country

By Ognjen Marinković (11)

My city was white
Everything was right
There were fights
Fights for lives.

When the Turks came
Everything changed
They tortured us
And we couldn’t run away by bus.
There were no buses.

We had our heroes
Djordje and Miloš
They were with us
They fought for us
That’s how it finished.

World War I started
Austri-Ugaria attacked
We defended our land
It was really,really hard
But we won

Again, war!
Number 2
World War II
Germany, Italy and Japan lost
Their colonies
Now they want them back
England, America, France and US fought
From 4 to 6 years.
We won again!
But lots of people died.

In 1999
America,our fake friend
Bombed us.
They thought it was a favour
But we think different
No more attacks on Serbia
After that.

My home

By Pavle Glišić (11)

Every October we have Halloween party in Robertson School of English. What do we do there? Read this to find out. When all people come we do the catwalk: we walk around the room and all people look and decide who they want to vote for. In all classrooms there is one activity. Bobbing for apples is always interesting for playing because if you aim well you get an apple. Scary stories activity is basically bunch of people sitting in one room and telling creepy stories about some haunted dolls and monsters, all kinds of horror stuff. Monsters Body Parts is an activity where teachers prepare a box with a hole where we put our hand in and touch disgusting things like peeled grapes with some stinky sauce. When we try to summon Bloody Mary we go in front of a mirror and take a candle and say Bloody Mary three times. Trick or Treat Quiz is always a good way to earn sweats. Teachers ask questions and if we answer correctly we get a sweat. Halloween is a great party to have fun and meet new friends. See you there next year!!!

Helloween in Robertson

By Tea Polimec (10), Andreja Nikcevic (10) and Pavle Starcevic (10)

My mum and my dad
Lying in their bed,
My dog and my pet frog
Sitting on a bench speaking French,
My brother thinks he’s winner
But after a fight I eat his dinner.
I love my home because there I can be alone.